Sunday, April 13, 2008

More on the Location of That Rink

Hi Marty, Based on the latest note and pic from Normand I am going to change my guess as to the site of the rink in the photo that Joyce Tomalty provided via John Riley. The modern rink would have been north of the Legion building and perpendicular to it. Yes it would have had an asphalt base and yes it was used for street dances in the summer. In addition there was a tennis court marked out on the asphalt with    openings in the asphalt for poles to support the tennis net. That rink would be the main town rink until the Galletti arena was built in 1965.Our Warriors Athletic Club used to play in a broomball league on that rink. Shortly after the opening of the rink construction began on the Community centre and the adjacent adult swimming pool both north of the rink.JMcC


Thanks John 

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