Thursday, April 10, 2008

Normand is on the Job

Hi Normand,

 Good work once again on your part for getting someone to clean up that awful mess at the hospital. When you are done there perhaps you could come to Peterborough and get them to clean it up. They are in the process of building a nice new hospital here but if they don't look after it better than they did the old one it won't be long before it is in the same state.

 C-Difficile is a huge problem here as well. People go into the hospital for something minor and end up with this awful disease. Folks I am sure you all well remember the days when the hospital rooms were scrubbed clean every day and especially when someone left. Beds were scrubbed with antiseptics etc. Now it seems we just change the sheets and cleaning a room means emptying a waste paper basket and running a mop across a floor. I have seen it with my own eyes. No wonder we have C-Difficile.

 Again Normand, keep up the good work in Greenfield Park.

Sandy R.

Thanks Sandy

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