Monday, April 14, 2008

Old Rink Location

Hi Marty,


Here are two things that stimulate discussion:


1) a photo of the rink next to Churchill about 1950. The Carnival Queen might be on the ice. This photo was taken near the corner of Empire and Churchill.


2) the photo was taken about 1935 over Greenfield Park by the Federal Government to aid in making accurate maps of the country. You can see part of the track that went around the football field and the outline on the ground where the rink had been the previous winter. You can also see the creek, the building that became the old library and a store opposite Hollingdrake's that may have belonged to Mr. Rousseau or Mr. Savard.


The houses look strange because most of them had peaked roofs and one side of every house is bathed in shadow. Hope a lot of people can find their old homes.


John Riley

Thanks John

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