Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reunion Attendees


Please post updated list of confirmed attendees:


Donna (Chapman) & John Domitrek

John & Chris Flesch

Don & Phyllis Flesch

Ginette & Fred Goodall

Heather(Booker) & Fred Collier

Dorothy & John Penny

Barb & George Hamilton

Sandra & Brian Robinson

Heather(Hubbard) Cooper


Janet(Allen) & Don Watson

Robert Allain & Joan Thomas

Dave Houle

Donnie & Mirella Ridewood

Heather Gibb

Carolyn (Cobb) Dalgard

Ken Cobb

Harry Cobb

Ralph & Millie Bennett

Sharon Hawkins

Maureen (Fogarty) Poirier

Gary & Karen Comber

Gale (Taylor) & Bruno Schwarz

Pat Woodall & Terry Caverley

Beth & Rod Freeman

Ann & Win Sinwood


For anyone having difficulties e-mailing me you can now e-mail at donnad33@hotmail.com as well as dsd@cogeco.ca  maybe

that will solve the problem.

John Flesch and I are finalizing the remaining details of the weekend activities and will post within the next week.


Donna (Chapman) Domitrek

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