Monday, April 14, 2008

Rink Location

Hi Marty,


I wanted to comment on the location of the rink in the photo kindly given to me by Joyce Tomalty. After reading everyone's comments, I have to agree with Normand and John McConachie's conclusions for the following reasons.


If the photo was taken at the older rink near Churchill we would see Hollingdrake's Building if the photo was taken from point B on the map I attached, or houses on St. Charles if it was taken from point A. but from there I believe they would be too far away to see. Also there were fewer houses on St. Charles than the ones visible in the photo.


I believe the photo was taken at point C on a new rink that had just been built. From there the houses in the background would be perpendicular to the position of the photographer which they appear to be. The photographer could have taken the shot from point D, but there were only a few homes on St. Charles in that direction.


I have placed a few other buildings or locations like the playground, the changing room for the old rink, the youth centre, Hins Store, the Fire Station and the Acorn Tennis Club that may bring back memories and some stories.


I will also try to find some other things of interest to stimulate discussion.


John Riley


Thanks John

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