Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sept. Reunion Information

Hi Marston,


For whatever reason it seams that people have been having a difficult time reaching me by e-mail. I see that my e-mail is posted correctly

on the blog site so I'm not quite sure what is happening.


Anyway, I have just spoke with John Flesch and we were given a good hotel rate with the Best Western Hotel in Niagara Falls the

info is as follows:          


                                                    Best Western Carin Croft Hotel

                                                    6400 Lundys Lane

                                                    Niagara Falls




                           Room Rates:   Tower Rates   Single    $109.99

                                                                               Double  $109.99


                                                      Court Yard      $119.99


                   List of confirmed attendees:


                   John & Chris Flesch

                   Don & Phyllis Flesch

                   Donna (Chapman) & John Domitrek

                   Ginette & Fred Goodall

                   Heather(Booker) & Gord Collier

                   Dorothy & John Penny

                   Barb & George Hamilton

                   Sandra & Brian Robinson


                   Denise Evola

                   Janet(Allen) & Don Watson

                   Robert Allain & Joan Thomas

                   Dave Houle

                   Donnie & Mirella Ridewood

                   Heather Gibb

                   Carolyn(Cobb) Dalgard

                   Ken Cobb

                   Harry Cobb


 This is the complete list as it stands right now from e-mails received by both John and myself.


I can be reached by e-mail at  or by calling 1-905-988-8082   Please post to the blog ASAP


Thank you

Donna Domitrek (Chapman)

Thanks Donna

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