Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some Reunion Information & Correction

Hi Everyone ........As a follow up to my earlier e-mail please note that the digits in the tel. no. for the hotel were inverted and the actual no. is ......1-800-263=2551..........


Also:     When booking at hotel - The group name is The Greenfield Park Reunion

              (Needed for the reservation)   2 night - Sept. 19 & 20


F.Y.I. - It looks like the Court Yard is pretty popular!!


Hope to see as many of you as possible ............For all you present Parkers spread the word around - I.E. George Graham, Charlie Menary - Hell I don't have to tell you, just spread the word - Perhaps if enough interest then renting a bus is in order (Sit back have a beer & let someone else do the driving)


Get back to me when you can   ............      Later.......Win



HI folks,


Here is some info I just received about the accommodations for our Sept. Reunion ;


Donna Chapman Domitrek writes : I have just spoken with John Flesch and we have been given a very good rate at the Best Western Hotel in Niagara Falls, info as follows : Best Western Carin Croft Hotel

                                 6400 Lundys Lane

                                 Niagara Falls




  Hi Marty


It seems that the phone number for the reunion hotel is incorrect.


It should read 1-800-263-2551


Could you please correct it .


Thanks Sandy


                                 Tower Rates: Single & Double  $109.99  


                                 Court Yard  $119.99



I would suggest booking ASAP if you are planning on attending and again if you have not already done so please notify Donna at .


Thanks Sandy R and Win S. 

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