Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stop The Presses

Marty –

 Western ingenuity wins again. Scrap that damn VW piece of tin - we now have secured a real bus for the trip to the Niagara reunion. It’s a 1950 Brewster bus that has been converted, but I figure we can put bench seating back in and transport up to 52 former Parkers who now live west of Ontario.

 Think of the camaraderie - the joy of singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall from the Okanagan Valley to the Niagara fruit belt. The trip has even more meaning since it will link Canada's only two wine-making areas - so that on the way east we can drink fine wines while on return we'll have our fill of the plonk that they make in Ontario.

I think their best brand is known as Chateau Neuf de Porchclimber. Furthermore we won't be constrained by a 90 kilometer per hour cruising speed a la VW; this baby can cruise at 93 Ks.

 Oh the joy of the friendship, the fresh air, the passing parade of Canadiana - Medicine Hat - Moose Jaw - Sudbury. I am so excited. Mavis and I are leaving on holiday until May 25th; so I hope that you'll start the waitlist and identify the bus stops.

 Maybe we could paint it in old Chambly County Transport colours! The mind boggles! best Gus----


Great New Gus

Let’s see who signs up for the trip. Who Wants to sign up and share the Expenses....?

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