Thursday, April 17, 2008

Welcome Diana

Hello Marty


    What are the chances that you look on the Internet for an Eaton's Punkinhead Collector Plate - and come across a Greenfield Park blog ?  And not only that  - you see pictures of houses on Murray.  I used to live at 432!  (My Mum still lives in the Park on Tisseur Street).


Then to see photos of the Mike Reid Tournament - my daughter, June, used to go to Mackay Centre with Mike.


Sad to learn today that Darrell Hollingdrake Desormeaux passed away.  When I was a property manager (in Kitchener) one of the high-rise buildings needed to have a roof repaired.  A crew came down from Montreal and although the young 'leader' looked familiar I couldn't place where I may have seen him.  After asking him which part of Montreal he lived, he said Greenfield Park.  What a co-incidence!  And you guessed it - it was Darrell's son.  (He sure looked like Claude).


Am having fun going through  the 'posts' -  what a walk down memory lane...  wonder if anyone remembers when the siren would blow at 9:00 p.m. and teens were not allowed on the streets after that time?


All those people that I know... all the familiar names...


The Atwater Market - I grew up  not far from there (moved to the Park when I was 17) and Dickie Pope lived next door; Georgia Holland's family lived across from my aunt's in Cote-St-Paul. 


Someone was asking about a girl who lived on Murray - Anita.  That was Anita Kozlak.  She also lived on Newbury; then moved to Newberry Park in California.


Nice to see pictures of Gus Richardson - I live in B.C. too.



Diana Jiles


Thanks Diana

Anita Married Charlie Banning who I worked for in the 60’s

Glad you found us and you are very welcome here…



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