Sunday, May 25, 2008

Class Pic of 1961/62

Marty,I'd like to take a guess at Normand's St. Edmund's class of 1961-62 I'm sure of three of them and guessing at others.Back Row:1st from left: Joan Findlay of Fairfield Ave. (guess); 4th from left: Patricia Dunne of Murray Ave. (sure).Middle Row: 1st from left: Lucie Horbas of Campbell St. (sure); 2nd from left: Loretta Blake of Hins St. (guess).3rd Row from the Top: 3rd from left: Sharon Brooks of Regent St. (guess); 6th from left: Christina Palzewski of Springfield Ave. (guess).Bottom Row: 1st from left Carol Duthie of Vercheres St. (sure).Other people that should be in that group are Pauline Evanovitch and Caroline Ralphs but I can't spot them.I hope the rest can be identified by others because I'd like to know who they are. Terry Rimmer might know some of them.

John Riley

Thanks John
Hi there,

I have a few guesses for Normand's Grade 8 St Edmond's photo. John, you said that one of the Ralphs girls should be in this photo and I find last girl in the 3rd row sure looks like a Ralphs girl to me. I was going to guess Sylvia, but I think that she was a bit younger than grade 8 in the year the photo was taken. Take another look John, could she be the Ralphs girl you were looking for?

Also John guessed that the 4th row 1st girl is Carol Duthie and that confused me as I'm sure Carole Duthie was in my grades at St Edmond's and I am 4 years younger than these girls in the picture. Could it be another Duthie in the picture, an older sister perhaps? Maybe I'm all mixed up with the names.

My final guess is the 2nd to last girl in the last row, I'm pretty sure it's Carole Grenier of Devey street.



Thanks Susan LP

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