Thursday, May 01, 2008

Comments from John McC

Hi Marty. Just catching up on some items I meant to respond to.

(A) Sadly my guess of the names of the basketball team was scooped by The Chief from Bathurst.

(B) Re the rink picture I just wanted to add that the store in the background ,before it was a pharmacy was Savard's General Store. Gail Savard the owners daughter was,according to John Riley's book,,Carnival Queen in 1949 and I am old enough to remember that she was a looker.

(C) The photo of the Bechards reminded me of two stories—

(1) Johnny Bechard ,one of the sons was a pretty strong guy who worked at Canada Packers ,just across Victoria Bridge on Bridge Street,as a butcher and the story goes that he cut himself at work and having no bandaids,he wrapped the cut with black friction tape and went back to work.

(2) Johnny was also quite athletic and,I saw this in person, one evening at the change shack for the old rink Johnny jumped up grabbed the cross bar above the entrance to the ladies side of the shack and like a circus gymnast swung his legs out and up and kicked out three of the wall boards above the entrance and was promptly banned from skating/hockey by rinkkeeper Jess Bowbrick until Johnny repaired the damage.


Thanks John

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