Saturday, May 24, 2008

Craft Work

Subject: Crafty

>> What do you do when you decide to be a poor country folk artist?
>> With little money (if any) you must be creative. Use your
>> resources.
>> This artist did just that.

>> What do you find in the mountains of Idaho?........PINE TREES.
>> You're thinking something made out of wood....Right?

>> Not even close. Check out these pictures.
>> These bears are made from Pine Needles!
>> A couple of hundred thousand of them in one large bear.
>> The pine needles were gathered off the ground, sorted, washed,
>> trimmed and hand woven.
>> Over 8 months in making the life size bear.

>> On the Salmon River

>> The Artist, the Bear he calls 'Mountain Magic~ A New Life'

>> Bear with Carved Fish

>> 'White Heart'.... A Life Size Black Bear and 'Little Bear
>> Innocence' the cub
>> To make a living the artist carves Antlers and other materials.
>> Moose,
>> Deer, Elk, horn, wood, ivory and more. Whatever he can find.
>> Check out all these Moose Antler carvings.

>> Nothing goes to waste.
>> The artist uses every little scrap material, as seen with this
>> motorcycle below.
>> It's under 2 1/2' in length. He used 17 different materials to
>> make it.
>> Some of the materials are Walrus Ivory, Ironwood, Water Buffalo
>> horn,
>> Moose Antler, Silver, rhinestones, shell, metal, plastic, rubber
>> and more.
>> The wheels and handle bars turn, too!

Thanks Diana J.P.

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