Thursday, May 15, 2008

Economic Misery

I bet you thought you were going crazy trying to figure out how come you've got so much less spare cash, especially after a fill up, when the government says there's been no increase in inflation. Well, among the many other things it leaves out when calculating the rate of inflation, the government doesn't include the paltry cost of a gaz fill up because, well, the price of gas is so unstable. DUH!!!!

As usual figures lie and liars figure - experts claim the government is fudging those numbers again and US inflation is actually at least 7% - no big deal except that if you had a $100,000 RRSP for your retirement it is now only worth $93,000 - that's a $7,000 loss of purchasing power in one year!

No idea what the real Canadian inflation rate would be but I do know gas is way cheaper across the border so take it from there. See link below

Thanks Bob A.

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