Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Golfers Names

Marty,This is a message and apology to people like Barb H. who would like to have the people in the photos identified. Perhaps the main reason is that I don't know all the names myself. But I went through the photos posted by Marty from Mon. May 19 to Thurs. May 22nd and here's who I know. Ross Morley is going to look them over and perhaps we'll get the rest in a day or 2.Thurs.
May 22.#1 Noreen Barfoot Toner and John McConachie
#2 Bruce Murdoch and Pete Argue
#3 Kevin Cross, Gerry Pelletier and Jay Fancie
#4 George Graham and Charlie Menary
#5 The organizing committee: Bob Ferguson, Trevor Mead, Sue Monk, Mike Savage & Stan CuthbertWed.
May 21.#1 all unknown
#2 John McConachie, Bill Dempsey, Doug Paquette & Wayne Kobuke
#3 unknown, unknown, Kevin Cross & Gary McClarnon
#4 all unknown
#5 all unknown
Tue. May 20.
#1 Gerry Pelletier and Doug Paquette
#2 Charlie Clark and Harold Rye
#3 Len Davis and John McConachie
#4 Don Harris and Ross Morley
#5 Ab Coccia and Trevor Mead

Mon. May 19.
#1 Ralph Billing and Jay Fancie
#2 Cosie MacDonald and Robert Karsh
#3 all unknown
#4 Bill Dempsey, Paul Mancini, Wayne Robbins and Baden Barraclough
#5 unknown and Fred Goodall
If people want to see more Park photos there are 600 or so one the Greenfield Park Facebook site. Half of them have already appeared on Marty's site. To find the site, type in Greenfield Park, Quebec in the search box in the top left corner. Then click on the old town crest.

John R.

Thanks John

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