Thursday, May 01, 2008

GPK News

Marty,A lot of news for the blog:

1) This weekend the Park Players will be putting on their yearly play at the Rene Veillet centre on Park Lane St.

2) On Saturday the Cameron School of Dance will be putting on their yearly show in Laprairie. They're doing it there because it's their 70th annual show and they needed a big venue for the spectacle.

3) The Greenfield Park Figure Skating Club recently put on their 39th annual skating show at the Cynthia Coull Arena.

4) The town lost another long time resident Mrs. Carole Hilton Oswald who grew up in the house beside Royal George School on the Regent St. side. She was married to the late Richard Oswald a descendant of one of the town's first constables. The Oswalds lived on Greenfield St. at the corner of Cedar. I would like to send my condolences to the family. Mrs. Oswald was a great help in putting together my book on the Park.John Riley

Thanks John

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