Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hope the CNR gave up looking for the hooligans..!!!

Hi Marty. Normand's announcement of the passing of Yvon Robert Jr reminded me of a story involving him back in 1962. I was travelling, with a bunch of my Rosemount Bombers football teammates on the special train that the CNR put on each year to take people to Toronto for the Grey Cup game. Part way through the trip one of my mates came running back to our car and said"come on , you have to see this". We went back two cars and my mate told us to look in the washroom. What we saw was the toilet bowl off it's bolts and sitting in the corner. Apparently Yvon Jr ,who was a good-sized lad even though he was only 19 or 20 at the time had been bragging about how strong he was and eventually he succeeded in convincing a couple of onlookers to bet against him being able to pull the toilet bowl off it's moorings. According to my teammate who was a witness Yvon Jr squatted down ,wrapped his arms around the toilet and then stood straight up bringing the toilet with him. JMcC

Thanks John..

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