Friday, May 09, 2008

Jessica Continues to get Better

Thought I would update you on my daughters progress since the tragic car accident on March 29th. I took her and Josh out to Boston Pizza in Stony Plain and left them with some of their friends for a few hours and they thoroughly enjoyed the freedom. Jessica is getting quite capable in her wheelchair and Josh is still struggling with communication from his brain damage but is improving daily . Jessica is about 8 weeks away from starting physio on her legs and back and Josh may get out of the Rehab hospital in about 2 weeks ....He was out on a weekend pass in this photo. In Jessica' room on the wall are numerous e-mails from Parkers that blows her away seeing as she doesnt even know anyone or the town for that matter .

Thanks Dave MacNevin

Thanks Dave,

Jessica, you get well and keep up that great spirit, same for you Josh

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