Tuesday, May 20, 2008

News for Alex in Adelaide Aus

Marty, in reply to the note from Alex in Adelaide he can google Westmount High school and there are a number of sites on the subject. As you know I was in Weredale before Alex but I assume that the boys from "The Home" did attend Westmount ,either Jr or Sr, High School. I was in Mtl last week and purposely checked out the buildings where I attended school and there have been changes.

Westmount Jr High School(grades 7-9) was located on Academy road just off the corner of St Catherine and Melville Ave ,just before the "Glen" . That building is now an elementary school and daycare. Westmount Sr High was located on Argyle Ave near the corner of Sherbrooke and Cote St Antoine but while the building is still there the school has relocated to St Catherine St where the old Westmount Athletic Grounds used to be. JMcC

Thanks John McC.

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