Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Real Hockey Fan

Hi Marston,

Re Normand's Apr 30th blog post of the Sharks sign in my old bedroom window at 562 Queen St. My parents, Harry & Bea Cobb, were the original owners of that home after we moved from Devonshire in 1959. I found it quite the coincidence since my daughter (who is a die-hard Leafs fan) was rooting for the Sharks.

To give you an idea just how much of a hockey fan my daughter is, I'm attaching a photo of Darla in her Leafs wedding dress, escorted by her brother Mark, gliding to centre ice where her 2004 wedding ceremony was held in Dorchester Ont Hockey Arena. Darla's brother & her 4 yr-old son wore Team Canada sweaters to honour my late husband, Ken. The groom was dressed in Bruins colours & his attendants wore Don Cherry-style high collared shirts with plaid jackets & all the wedding party, including the officiant, wore skates. Family members sat in chairs on the ice surface & guests cheered from the stands. Their unusual wedding was featured in the London newspaper, on local TV, & Ron MacLean & Don Cherry on CBC-TV's Coach's Corner introduced a video of the bride in a 'Wendel Clark' dress during a broadcast of a Toronto-Montreal game. How about that for hockey fans!!

Special thanks to Normand for sending in the photo.

Carolyn (Cobb) Dalgard

Thanks Carolyn

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