Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reply to Normand

Hi Marty, in reply to Norm Simard's questions
(1) yes I do remember Camille Vallee from our Warriors satellite clubhouse, "The Lap " as we called it and I do remember going to the back door on occasion on a Sunday where one could purchase a case of 24 at grocery store prices but with a $1.00 service fee on top.

(2) No I'm not considering converting. My main reason for being on the steps of St. Anastase Church was because as I was driving along Churchill Blvd last Thurs. I noticed this tall grey-haired guy working in the parking lot. I recognized Norm and so I stopped to chat and he suggested that he take my picture on the steps much as I had done 46 years ago only then I was much better dressed.

In talking with Norm he told me that he had volunteered to do the clean-up because he was disgusted with the way the grounds were being maintained. I later discovered that in truth he was doing penance for some sin, which the priest could not reveal, and opted for the yard work in lieu of 100 Hail Mary's.

Must have been a pretty big sin. JMcC

Thanks John McC

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