Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weredale House Search for Informations 1960's

Hello Marty,
I just stumbled upon your blog regarding Weredale house. I had forgotten most of the details about the location of the house over the years, but used google maps to track it down, and then you your blog and Norm’s photo.

I was there from, 1961? to November 1963 (I remember the date as I was flown home from Weredale to Australia on the day JFK was assassinated and your comments about Atwater and the “boys” entrance in itself, brought back many memories. I don’t suppose there are any records going back to that time are there? Indeed I am having trouble finding a great deal about Westmount High School , which is where I think we attended.

Anyway, what years did you attend the school?



Thanks Alex,
I will post your message on the blog hoping someone from your past might see it and contact us. They can e-mail me and I will put them in touch with you.

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