Sunday, June 01, 2008

Golfer Names

,Here is a list compliled by Ross Morley with names I might have missed from the Ron Smith Golf Tournament.
Hi John, here are some names for you regarding the pics at the Ron Smith. Couldn't get them all but got quite a few. They will be starting with the pic of Noreen Barfoot & John Mac> > ?? & Pete Argue> > Kevin Cross, Jerry Pelletier, Jay Fancy> > George Graham & Charlie Menary> > Bob Ferguson, Trevor Mead, Mike Savage, Stan Cuthbert, & Sue Monk> > Sue Monk, Diana Dunham, Janice Zatylny> > John Mac, Bill Dempsey, Doug Paquette, Wayne Kobuke> > Mike Lee, Wade Wilson, Kevin Cross, Gary MacLarnen> > ? , ? Causie MacDonald> > Rick Young, Ross Noseworthy, Erwin ? , Gerry McCrory> > Gerry Pelletier, Doug Paquette> > Charlie Clark, Harold Rye> > Len Davis, John Mac> > Don Harris, Ross Morley> > Albert Coccia, Trevor Mead> > Ralph Billings, Jim Fancy> > Causie MacDonald & Robert Karch> > ??, ??, Donna Savage> > Bill Dempsey, Paul Mancini, Wayne (Tiny) Robins, ??> > John Walls, & Fred Goodall> > Hope this helped you out. Ross

Thanks John R. & Ross M.

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