Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gus Needs Our Help

Hey Marty, I want to seek assistance from some of your loyal readers. You know how they say that, as people age they retain memories of obscure things from long ago but can't remember what they had for lunch? Well I was driving home from the swimming pool this morning when suddenly I burst forth in song.
" Now its time to say farewell
And we hope we've entertained you one and all'
Your applause alone will tell
At the moment that the curtain starts to fall.
And now that its over
We want you to know
That our knees have been shaking
Throughout the whole show .........

Now for the question. I remember where the lines came from - but will anyone else? Can anyone fill in the conclusion to the jingle? Help please, cause its driving me nuts. Its like the man who was obsessed with the words and music of The Green Green Grass of Home. All night, all day running through his head. He went to a doctor who told him that he had what, in the medical profession and the diagnostic manuals was called "Tom Jones Syndrome." Thank you so much doc said our hero - tell me is it a rare disorder? Its Not Unusual replied the doc. See - I need help! Best Gus

Thanks us R,
Let’s see if we can get some help…!!!

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