Monday, June 23, 2008

Names (Answered)

Hi there,

I just saw Millie McGowan last night at our weekly "Nine & Dine" golf suppers at the St. Lambert "Royal Rockpile". This is a St. Lambert Curling Club group who meet Friday afternoons for nine holes and supper. There are over 60 people in the group comprised of current and past members and associates of the curling club. I agree with Millie that it is Bobby Evans with John in the hockey picture. In the scouts pic, John McC., Philip Levington?, definitely Jimmy McC. and maybe it is Steve M. Re: Gus R.'s song, I can sing the melody up to the point where he got stuck -- I think the last line was something like:

"At the Royal George's Annual Minstrel Show".

I'm going to resend my e-mail of a minstrel show pic I sent last fall. I hope for more response now.

Linda Alexander-LaRoche

I can't seem to attach the old e-mail to this one, so I will try resending it.
Hi Marston,

Attached is a copy of Minstrel Show 1959 and 36 numbered people. Back Row 1-8, Middle Row 9-20, Front Row 21-36. I am sure of only 5 people: #14 - Keith Morrison, #17 - Linda Alexander, #19 - Phyllis Bannister, #20 - Mrs. Wheatley, #36 - Norman Morley. The other end-men (#21, 22, 23, 34 & 35) included, I think: John McConachie, Gus Richardson, Gary and Rodney Farber, and Ken St. Germain. Other guesses are: #6 - Irene Highfield, #10 - Marilyn Mitchell, #11 - Leah Laughlin, #12 - Linda Murray, #13 - Allison Messner, #18 - Sharon Fogarty, #26 - Linda Laughlin, #27 - Cecil Emblem, #28 - Bobby Geary, #29 - Louis Rivers, #32 - Diane Gregory. HELP! ex-pat GPKers.

Did anyone figure out the mystery girl in 1958-59 Grade 10 photo of John McConachie's class?

Linda A.

Thanks Linda
Hi Marty, (1)first a tip of the hat to John Riley and his trip and photos from France adding just a little more to the military history of our "Hometown" . (2)In answer to Linda Laroche's question I dion't think that anybody has guessed the name of the mystery lady in my grade ten photo. (3)Re Linda's minstrel show quiz I can add the following(a) the end men were "Gus" Richardson, Norman Morley, Ken St Germain, Richard Tombs, Gary Farber and myself.(b) According to the 1960 RGHS yearbook other people in the minstrel show group over and above what Linda listed were , Penny Tomalty,the late Barbara Ridewood,Darla Webb,Helen Faller, April Wells,Donna Comber, the late Gayle Blain, and Pam Carter-I don't know which #'s they are in the picture though-- In addition Mr Dorgan and his wife performed the "Charleston" and Ron Duncan sang a solo(c) I think Linda meant Ken Geary rather than Bobby. JMcC

Thanks John McC.

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