Sunday, June 29, 2008

National Trust Properties

Hi Marty - I was pleased to see pics recently of John Riley's trip to France, in particular the fine shot of Mont St Michel. It was only this year that I learned that bot France and England have similar stately structures with the same name. Both are om the coast and can be considered islands when the tide comes in. For years I always thought that when someone referred to Mont St Michel, there was only one - and I could never figure out whether it was English or French. If you think about it, quite a significant dilemma for a native Quebecer - even one who has been away as long as I have. At any rate - the appended photos are of Mount St Micaels, in Cornwall, England and are meant to compliment the pics of Mont St Michel sent by our town's historian. Best Gus

Thanks Gus R.

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