Tuesday, June 24, 2008

News about Don Snyder

Hi, thought I would let you know that Don has had a Heart Attack and is still in the hospital. He should be home sometime this week. He had surgery last week, Open Heart bye-pass, with 5 blockages. He is in Hamilton General Hospital. If you want, contact him by email later or. His mailing address is: Don SnyderP.O. Box 103Millgrove, Ont. L0R 1V0
Hi Folks

Don has gone through a miserable few days with a lung fluid build up and a one lung colapse, nausea and periods of anxiety. He is now out of ICU and in the Surgical Ward and sitting in a chair for periods of time and getting rid of the lung fluids. Today they are going to get him walking and, according to Kathy, he will be released from the hospital this week. Doreen talked to Don on the phone last night and he said he felt like "CRAP". Sounds to me like he has totally recovered?

This will be my last update.

All The Best- Peter

Thanks Bob H.

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