Thursday, June 12, 2008

Storm Damage in GPK and St Lambert

Hey Marty,

Now we know how you feel--it was scary,

trees falling down all around us,one of ours broke
we were lucky it did not hit the house.

The others you see our across the street

Also I took some at the golf club down the street,there were trees just up rooted
it has been a nightmare--just got power back this pm.

They didn't call it a hurricane but it was close to it.Champlain had 6-7 big trucks almost got blown over the bridge.they had to close the bridge for hrs.

The pics before these--middle pics were golf course--the ones with the fence--actually one tree fell right onto the fence busted the fence.

We had hardly any damage except for debris-everywhere.

Thanks Millie
Glad you are safe

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