Friday, June 13, 2008

Thanks to Normand S..

Hi Marty first I want to congratulate Normand for the excellent work he is doing with his today photos and the much older material he has been able to wheedle and pry from many sources. keep up the good work Normand. Secondly I want to unload a number of responses to some of Norm's submissions that I have been meaning to send but have procrastinated.

(1) In addition to the bikers in the photo I remember that Kendall Rattray and Sid and Doug Rollins were also members of that group that used to hang around Robinson's Restaurant on their Triumphs,BSA's and if I am not mistaken at least one Vincent Black Prince or Black Shadow(Marty can correct me) The next generation of "bikers" were George and Eddie Massey and Brian "Shorty" Broden.
Gary Farber also had a bike for a while ,a big Indian(1000-1200 cc machine again Marty can correct me) and I remember almost taking a spill on a very slick Devonshire Blvd as we turned onto Allen.

About two years ago when I was working on John Riley's book I had a chat with Johnny Treboutat and at the time He was living in Moose Creek a small commnity here in Ontario near the Quebec border,sorry to hear that he is not well. Seeing both Jerry Dootson's and Elmer Gariepy's name also bring back some other memories. The first one was a big party that Jerry was hosting at his parents place that got a little too rowdy and the neighbours called the police--a rare experience but it was a pretty noisy event.

Elmer indeed did marry one of Claude Desormeaux's sisters.Nicole I think it was and that reminded me of an incident that happened one Fri night at Claude's house. For about a year a bunch of us fellows ,Bill Webb, Bobby Evans, Ken Crawley myself and sometimes Marvin Ford would gather at Claudes to have some barley sandwiches and sing the songs of the day with Claude playing his guitar.

This one Fri nite Marvin Ford brought over a jar of small pickled tongues as a snack. Sometime during the evening Marvin, after a few beers, decided to play a joke on Claude's mother and two of his sisters(Nicole was one of them). He put one of the pickled tongues in his mouth, walked into the kitchen where the ladies were sitting and talking, pretended to gag, reached into his mouth and pulled out the pickled tongue which the ladies thought was his own and they almost fainted.

Norm please say hello to Jerry and Elmer for me the next time you see them.

Thanks John McC.

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