Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Blog Visitor needs our Help....

Hi Marty! Found your website while trying to get some long lost info about my old stomping grounds...Brossardville, Greenfield Park, Mackayville, etc. I attended an elementary school in Greenfield Park in 1957, then went to Mackayville Elementary School for several years until around 1962. The Principals name was Ms. Allen. The last I heard, the Mackayville School had been converted into an all girls private school...not sure about all that.

Basically, my family left Quebec in 1964 and moved to So Cal. I eventually made my way up to Oregon in 1980, however I have never been able to track down any of my relatives (either side) who lived in Brossard (Albert St.), Greenfield Park, or the general Montreal area since the family left. It would be great to make contact with any fellow students that attended Mackayville School, but the trail has grown cold. My uncle Alec owned a cedar cabin in Arundel, where I spent my childhood days fishing. Before moving to the burbs, our family lived on Coleraine St., in Point St. Charles, and my grandparents lived on 23rd Ave. in Rosemount.

I'm not sure how you made it to Illinois, but it was refreshing reading some of your articles and musings (the photos of the area bring back memories). I have never been back to Montreal since the family left, during the expansion and construction of the Expo site on St. Helens Island. As a kid, I used to spend many days there swimming in the public pools on the island. Great fun for little money.

If you have any ideas about helping make any contacts in that area, please let me know. So far, I've been unsuccessful, plus being on the other side of the continent (with only basic French speaking abilities) makes the effort difficult at best. At any rate, thanks for the website, and helping bring back some bits of my youth. T

Ted Hewitt
TEC Leasing Volvo/Mack/GMC
Pure Genius En Motion
9414 NE Vancouver Way
Portland, OR 97211
c: 503.545.0091
d: 503.802.4207
f: 503.972.4314

Thanks Ted, Let’s see if we can find some old friends..


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