Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Canadian Hero

Hi Marty. (1) Attached is a photo of myself and a very real Canadian hero taken recently at a golf tournament in which we were both playing. At the post-tournament banquet this other gentleman and I were seated at the same table. We had a very nice conversation during dinner and at the end a mutual friend took this photograph.

I have never been one to collect autographs nor have I ever been in awe of celebrities but I did feel on this occassion that I was extremely fortunate to be in this gentleman's company. In my humble opinion in his three years in office as Chief of the Defense staff he has rebuilt the morale and pride and integrity of the men and women of the Canadian defense forces(all three branches) and has engendered in the Canadian public once again a feeling of respect and appreciation for the job that our Warriors do on our behalf.

Based on our one meeting I would also say that General Rick Hillier(Retired) is a real gentleman.

(2) In answer to Diana Jiles question about Weredale boys and Royal Arthur School I would say yes some of the boys at Weredale did attend Royal Arthur especially those whose family lived in that area of St Henri and had already attended the school.

In the main though as Weredale was located in Westmount --albeit Lower Westmount right on the border of St Henri-- the protestant residents attended either Queens Elementary School on Oliver Avenue north of St Catherine and one block west of Greene or Westmount Junior High School on Academy Road just north of St Catherine and almost right next to the Royal Montreal Regiment Armoury near the "Glen".

Very few of the residents of "The Home" made it past grade 9( they were generally sent out to work or learn a trade) and subsequently did not attend Westmount Senior High. The catholic rersidents attended St Leo's Academy on Sherbrooke St at Clarke

(3) Yes I did know Robert Eby. We were in Weredale at the same time and by coincidence I had been communicating with Robert's older brother Edward who was also in Weredale at the same time,just a few months ago. Small world EH


Thanks John

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