Monday, July 14, 2008

Catching Up with Some Questions for our Bloggers

Hello again, Marty,

I'm sure my e-mails will seem a bit out-dated ( I'm having fun playing ;catchi up' 'with the archives).

This e-mail refers to the Nov. 2007 blog:

WEREDALE. I went to Royal Arthur School (Canning and Workman Streets, Montreal) I remember boys from Weredale in our classes. Did all boys from Weredale attend this school? Perhaps John McC. would know. (I only remember one boy: Donald Green; When I lived in Kitchener I met a fellow, Bob Eby, who said he went Weredale).

PICTURE OF REUNION (1957) - - On the extreme right: Leslie Barker; the blond gal to the left is Anita Kozlak (Banning).

REMEMBRANCE DAY: : So nice to see the familiar faces of Marc Duclos and his Dad! It reminds me that Marc's Dad worked with my niece at "Pier One" in Montreal, only it wasn't called "Pier One" then. It actually had two other names "Cargo Canada" -and ?? Does anyone remember the missing name? Cargo Canada was located on Taschereau in Longueuil.


Thanks Diana J.P.

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