Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Eating Crow

Hello Marston,

Remember a few months back on the blog, people were recalling the houses on Murray and Devonshire and the people who lived there. John McC. said Terry Caverly lived on Murray Ave and I, in my bluntness, told you in a note "Never". While chit chatting with Terry and his Mother three or four times, just in the past month, I discovered it was on Murray that Terry lived his first 5 years. Later in 1949 or so his Father, Ted, built the house on Devonshire and Princess.

Well, I guess I sort of misspoke, uh erred - where's that crow. Sorry John McC., I guess I'd better keep the ears open and yap shut.

Richard W.............

P.S. Does anyone know who etched and what in the freshly poured sidewalk on Devonshire Road in front of 332 Devonshire - summer 1955? They were not initials or a hand print. Another hint, the impressionist had to squat to pee.

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