Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friends from the past

Hi Marty,
Here is a picture I found of friends from the Park. Bottom left. Ellen McCourt in cowboy hat, Brenda Barfoot, Linda Walsh, Not sure who is leaning over her, maybe Sandra Williams. Next to Brenda Doreen Holgate with cowboy hat, and Eddy Massey.
Top left Liz Newbury, not sure of the rest.

Hi Marty. A correction on names I sent you with the picture.Henrietta Parish is beside Brenda, Sandra Williams behind her. Linda Walsh between Henrietta and Doreen Holgate. Bud Holland behind Doreen. This was taken at a church picnic. Either St.Paul's or United church. Remember when they would have buses take us to a beach somewhere.I just loved those times. I hope you understand all the changes.

Thanks Ellen

Thanks Ellen S.

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