Friday, July 18, 2008

Jessica Continues to get better

Back on March 29th my 17 year old daughter , Jessica MacNevin was involved in a very serious car accident . Jessica suffered two severely fractured ankles and a burst vertebrae in her back along with many contusions . I had asked for the support of the folks from the park and prayers . E-mails arrived at the hospital for Jessica with kind wishes and it brought tears to Gail and I and showed us the parkers spirit and kinship.

Well I am sorry we didnt update you all sooner but our little girl got to graduate two weeks ago and after being hospitalized and then confined to a wheelchair she made it up on crutches at her grad and attached is my baby girl feeling so much better than she was. She has some more hard work to repair her broken body but she is way farther ahead than the doctors had told us and we are so proud of her .

Once again thanks to all of you for your support . People are good no matter what we read . Its that simple people are good .

Dave MacNevin

Thanks David
Wish your Daughter well for us..

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