Sunday, July 13, 2008

Michigan Nascar Race

Hi Folks.........Some of you will remember my nephew Craig (My brother Ken's son).
Well Craig works for Harlequin (Torstar) and they happen to be one of the sponsor's for car No.99 driven by Karl Edwards in the NASCAR series. This will be my first experience at attending one of the "Big" races & to be truthful I don't know if the noise coming for the track will annoy me or not - Hell, I'm not a kid anymore!! - However I know I will enjoy checking out the cars, visiting the pits, meeting the drivers and mechanics, taking pics. and all the other stuff going on!! - If you happen to watch the race on T.V. you can look for me, I'll be the guy in the blue shirt, not to difficult to spot I'm Sure!!


Thanks Win S.
Take Ear Plugs along.

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