Friday, July 18, 2008

A Solid Home and Great Memories of GPK

Hi Marston,
Recently there was an article on Mrs.Fields , she remarried and she is now Mrs Page and lives in Sutton PQ, This lovely lady is now 80 years old.
She the president of the Sutton Quilting Club , and she at the same booth ever year at the fair.
Also recently there was an article on the new basement being put under the house at 301 Springfield. My parents bought the house in 1961 from Mr. Parker , who built the house in 1903 .
That was one very solid house . The floors were 6 inch thick ( solid wood) my dad and uncle Bud broke 2 - 1 inch drill bits , trying to run wire for 220.
Our neighbours were Bruce Pollin and and family on one side and the Rousseau on the other side .We had just moved into the house in October and the furance blew . Mr Rousseau was over immediately to invite us to stay with his family for 4 days , while they put the new furance in.
There certainly was no trouble between the French and English in those days in the Park and was a great place to live .
This was one very happy house to live in, as my sister and I talked about after we saw the pictures . My dad died in Oct/66 and mum stayed in the house until 1982 . The house has been sold 4 times since then.

Keep up the great work


Wayne Robins

Thanks Wayne
It is people like you that make it all worth while. All the best to you and family..

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