Friday, July 04, 2008

Vacation Pics

Good Morning Marty.......As I mentioned to you, Ann & I had an absolutely amazing vacation in the month of May & part of June......We traveled by car across the U.S. mid & south west, taking our time and stopping at numerous interesting places!! We drove 12,732 Kms/7,900Mi. in all and enjoyed every mile!! Over the next short while I will send in photos (in dated order) we took along the way......Many interesting places, both well known and others that turned out to be jewels in the rough.

2ND DAY...........Photos of Branson, Mo. - Owen's Theatre - Branson's very first
theatre, the town is full of them now!!
A one/third scale model of the S/S
Titanic - Quite interesting.

Photos of Baxter Springs, Ks. - This was our first look at Route 66
including the only remaining
Marsh Arch Bridge on Rt.66
constructed in 1923.

After leaving Baxter Springs we drove approx. 8 Miles south and crossed into Oklahoma and immediately into a small town named "Picher" where I stopped and gassed up. We later found out that in less than three days from us being there a tornado swepted through and destroyed the town killing 6 people and putting 22 in the hospital.........the town will not be rebuilt!! - Very sad!!

Then onto Amarillo, Texas & Albuquerque, N.M. - More later!!

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Thanks Win S.

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