Monday, July 14, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics (Missed Posting)

We arrived at Pinnacle Peak (outside of Scottsdale) both hungry and thirsty -

Here is a pic. of the "peak" that the place is named after. While talking to the restaurant's manager he took us over to see his collection of "rattlers" - he personally catches these critters around and under the thousands of rocks that make up the peak.

This place as been around for a very long time and it is well known to the locals that their oldest tradition is to cut off any neckties from visiting businessmen and hanging them from the rafters (The ties that is!!) - While I selected a coke to drink with my steak, Ann couldn't make up her mind as to what type of beer to have so ended up with what is called "The Wheel of Samplers" - she enjoyed them very much (OUCH!! she just smacked my head - I wonder why??) - I must confess - beer is not Ann's beverage of choice!!

The photo on the wall - enough said......... Actually this is a very large complex with many sections - for instance, there could be a redneck wedding, a barmitzvah and an Irish wake going on at the same time and they wouldn't run into each other!!

A photo showing Ann with some of the business cards she collected while there!! - Also photos showing the outside patios etc where they party and hold live concerts etc.

Some of the surrounding rock formations are fascinating!!

We left Scottsdale and headed north on i-17 to Flagstaff which is located on - guess where?? - ROUTE 66.


Thanks Win S.

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