Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

The first photo shows the entrance to the Carlsbad Caverns with the amphitheatre - Everyday at twilight thousands upon thousands of bats take flight from the cave to the amazement of those sitting on bum numbing stone seats!! As we descended into the darker areas of the cave we could make out the image of bats hanging upside-down from the ceilings. (The bat droppings were far from pleasant but lasted only a short distance). We descended 813 feet to the bottom and it took approx. one hour and fifteen minutes in all to get there (very steep and arrived pooped)

Here are a few pictures that will give you an idea of the beauty of this enormous cave (however you really should be there to get the full effect).

If you look closely at one of the pics. you will see a set of wooden stairs, that area is sealed off as this was part of the original walkway back in the '30's & 40's - people back then went down the 813 feet and had to walk the stair system back up to the surface - apparently plenty of heart attacks took place!! Today you can take the route that Ann & I took or take the elevator down & back up from the " Big Room " - the information board showing "Natural Entrance Route" and "Bat Cave" all the way down to ""You Are Here" shows the route that we endured to get to the "Big Room" - That was enough for us we took the elevator back up to the surface and left the additional big room route to the youngsters!!

The photo with the hwy traffic cone shows our first glimpse of S/W Texas off in the distance (notice the dustbowl to the left) - The Saskatchewan license plate suggested to me that our very own golf pro Ralph Bennett had moved back to Saskatoon and had set out to New Mexico to track me down!!

Upon returning to our car you can see that the temperature had reached 37 deg.C. outside and we had covered 4009.6kms since leaving London, Ont. The last photo is descending the mountains from the caverns - simply beautiful scenery!!

From there we were on our way to El Paso, Tx. - More to follow ...... Win

Thanks Win S.

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