Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

After heading south out of Carlsbad Caverns we entered S/W Texas on hwy 62/180.

I don't think that everyone who lives there agrees with what is written on the Texas Welcome Sign. ............The pic. of the mountain is just a small taste of the amazing scenery we would witness before returning home.

The Mexican flag will give you some idea of just how close the two countries really are - The Rio Grande is quite narrow between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez!! The writing on the side of the mountain is in Mexico - can anyone translate??

Here are some photos of downtown El Paso and "one of the four" bridges leading to the Mexican Border - It costs 25 cents to walk the bridge into Mexico but 35 cents to walk back into the States?? - Go Figure!! - The sites, sounds and food smells of
El Paso are far more Mexican than American!!

The historic plaque tells a story about Pancho Villa - I found it interesting. ...........
Only in the far south can one find a "WHATABURGER" I can attest to them being far better than McDonald and most of the others.

On to Arizona - My favourite State of them all !! - Starting tomorrow you will see what I mean.......................Later........Win

Thanks Win S.

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