Friday, July 11, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

a very large complex consisting of five hugh hangers just full of every type of aircraft. Besides having the hangers, there are several more aircraft in a very large outdoor compound - storing the aircraft outside is of no consequence as it hardly ever rains etc so the weather elements cause no problems!!

Upon entering the main building the first aircraft on display is an exact replica of the Wright Bros. "Flyer". - The bumble bee is one of the smallest aircraft there followed by one of the largest jet fighters.

You will note the three pics. of the aging "Air Force Ones" with the interior photo of one of JFK's planes. Kennedy actually preferred flying in the smaller of the two shown.

The pic. of the two prop. bomber shows two fighters in the sky above - these jets take off in pairs from nearby Davis Monthan A.F.B. at 90 second intervals just about all day long!!

The monster with the Nasa 940 on it's tail - not sure what it was used for but it sure is large and getting old (note the propellers)............Included is a photo of an aircraft that has the propellers on the back of it's wings - I guess the pilot never knew if he was coming or going!!

Note the pic. of the old constellation with the TWA (Trans World Airlines) markings - TWA along with Pan-Am are the two big airlines no longer in service - There's a story there somewhere!!

There were seven or eight Soviet Migs on display - Here are photos of a couple. I might mention that besides the aircraft there were patriot rockets with their field launchers - Oh - just so much stuff connected to outerspace etc. - Just can't show it all here!!

It was amazing the amount of outstanding aircraft etc. on display at the museum - I took 119 pics. in all (of course Marty would shoot me if I sent them all to be posted!!)

From the museum we were taken by bus (about a mile or so) to the A.F.B. where there are 4,500 planes parked (It's called the Boneyard).

More later.................................. Win

Thanks Win S.

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