Saturday, July 12, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

Here is one last photo from the museum that I just had to include - It's a GOOD looking Jet!!

The buildings shown are part of the entrance to the A.F.B. and the photos give you some idea of how many aircraft are in the Boneyard!! - 4,500 presently - awhile back there were as many as 7,700 - the numbers are constantly changing.

A couple of interesting notes:
1) A number of the aircraft on a daily basis are stripped down for parts & re-usable materials (steel etc.) - others can be brought back into service at very short notice.
2) the F-16 (I believe) or maybe it's the F-14 or 15 or 18 - were built strictly for U.S. combat & only sold to one other country outside the States - that country being Iran.
.........So..........because of the bad relations presently between the two countries - all the F-16?? are being recalled and being totally destroyed. This is being done so that in time Iran won't be able to get their hands on needed parts!! (Man, what a waste of taxpayers money!!)

The photo of the unusual mountain is on the highway between Tucson and Phoenix. Followed by pics. of the scenery entering the Taliesin (Frank Lloyd Wright's studio) in Scottsdale (Phoenix). Wright is known as the greatest American architect of all time - born in 1867, he died at the age of 91 in 1959. He designed hotels, churches & buildings of all shapes and sizes, all well in advance of their time periods. There is however some bad gossip about the old man - apparently he opened a college for young students to study under him and charged big bucks for the courses. However he did most of the designing and put the paying students to work building his designs - kinda like slave labour, only better!!

After visiting "Taliesin" we visited "Pinnacle Peak" - recommended by our good friend Ralph Bennett - he was right, it was quite an experience.


Thanks Win S.

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