Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

We left Winslow, Az. and continued east on i-40 (Route 66) to Holbrook which is the gateway town to the Petrified Forest - As Ann and I had visited the forest 40 years ago and as the petrified wood located there is proven to be millions of years old, we figured it hadn't changed much since our last visit so we skipped a return trip.

The Navajo County Court House was a pleasant surprise - the court still holds session daily and the interior of the building, court, museum and jail cells are all authentic dating back 110 years or so. The jail cells however are no longer used.
We purchased small pieces of petrified wood at the museum to give to the grandkids.
(I wanted to sell it to them for a profit but Ann said to leave their allowance alone!! - Rats!!)

We traveled south on hwy 77 to Pinetop, Az. (El.7,000Ft.) and had a two day or so visit with Ron & JoAnn gowens. Many of you will remember JoAnn and her sister Carol - Their last name was Miller and lived on Third St. near Empire - They were both barely teenagers when their family relocated to Arizona. The two sisters returned to the "Park" for the '88 reunion and again last year for the smaller one............I'm sure (The God's willing) we will see them again at the 2011 reunion!!

We had a great time - played golf, billiards, sightseeing and had delicious homemade meals (a pleasant change from restaurant food). The Gowan's live in their Pinetop home in the hot summer months and return to their main residence in Scottsdale for the winter when the desert cools off!! The temperature change is around 25 Deg. from the mountains to the desert.

This was our first time meeting JoAnn's husband, Ron, what a guy, really made us feel at home - what a golfer - what a pool player(must have been a mis-spend youth!!)

I must say Ann & I had a great visit and we can't thank them enough for adding so much to our vacation!!

After leaving the Gowens we retraced our steps back to i-40 west and our next stop was Lake Havasu City, Az. (A diamond in the rough!!)


Thanks Win S.

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