Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

At one point between Flagstaff & Lake Havasu City (somewhere around Kingman) hwy i-40 (Route66) reaches an elevation of approx.8,000Ft. & can be chilly - by the time you're in L.H.C.(a couple of hours) extreme heat greets you and you know what desert feels like again - It's true however that it is extremely dry - shade is your friend and curses to the sun. - A gentle breeze is usually present which also helps!!

Upon arriving in Lake Havasu City one of the first things you see is this amazing (out of place) stone bridge in the middle of the desert - This is where the story begins:

You have all heard of McCulloch chainsaws, well back in 1962 the owner, Robert McCulloch, heard that the British Government had decided to put the London Bridge up for sale - the reason being that the bridge was originally constructed back in 1831 and could no longer handle the increasing flow of traffic crossing the Thames River and was slowly Sinking!! """ HENCE THE NURSERY RHYME "LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN" """ .......McCulloch purchased the bridge for $2,460,000 and had it dismantled with each stone being numbered. It was then shipped to L.H.C. via Long Beach, Cal. and rebuilt using the same British stone masons that had taken it down.
They dredged across a peninsula thereby creating an island - now they had a reason to purchase the bridge in the first place!! - The bridge opened to traffic in October 1971.

Most people thought that the overall cost of purchasing and relocating the bridge was far to expensive to make any logic and that the old boy had lost his marbles - he proved them all wrong when the tourist's started arriving by the thousands - guess who owned most of the hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations etc. - you guessed it!!...........Robert McCulloch died in 1977 at the age of 66.

We took a ferry out onto the lake and sailed across to the California side to a casino (Ann lost the first time but ended up winning $30.00 in all after a second visit.(I watch - don't play.....hardly ever). As you can see from the temperature reading on the dash of the car it was a wee bit hot on May 17th!!............Anyone heading out to the desert states would be wise to include Lake Havasu City.

We picked up i-40 once again and headed west into California - we knew the small city of Needles was located on Route 66 - by going there we managed to visit a section of Route 66 in all eight states that the route passes through!! We then headed slightly north and stayed in Laughlin, Nv. just across from Bull Head City, Az. - All three states (Arizona, Nevada & California) are all within a stone's throw in this area.


Thanks Win S.

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