Friday, July 18, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

Although we stayed at The Circus Circus Hotel & Casino (recommended again by Ralph Bennett) along with Slots a Fun Restaurant & Casino on the same piece of property, we spend a few hours at the Mandalay Bay H. & C. - A beautiful building inside and out - Here's a photo showing the entrance to the special events arena I.E. pay-for- view championship boxing Etc. - The pic. of the young lady suspended by wires inside a wine rack - very expensive wine & very expensive restaurant, unfortunately I only took pictures!! - Also a pic. of the Strip.

An all-day pass can be purchased for $5.00 to travel by double-decker sightseeing bus anywhere in the bargain in town!! - The Fremont Street Experience
was probably the most fun we had in all of Vegas - at night, on the hour, the whole ceiling along the entire length of Fremont street turns into a giant television set and either well known entertainers appear on this quarter mile screen or a spaceship battle etc. takes place - simply amazing!!!

As mentioned Ralph Bennett suggested we try our luck at "Slot's a Fun" - here is a photo of a slot machine paying out $1500.00 & it only cost $1.00 to win it!! - Ann never played again on this trip - That's my girl !!

We picked up our British friends at the airport that had flown in from Manchester and after spending another day or so in Vegas we headed for Hoover Dam.


Thanks Win S.

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