Monday, July 21, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

I spoke earlier about finding diamonds in the rough - well Oatman is certainly one of them!! Talk about going back in time!!

The first thing you spot entering the west side of the town is their volunteer fire house & trucks, it's obvious that nothing is thrown away!!

Oatman was originally a gold mining town - started around 1890 and had lots of activity until 1915 or so when the gold started to dwindle. As there was no heavy equipment yet invented to remove the ore they used burros to do the job. The critters walking the street today are descendants of the original animals. They are totally tame and will gently nudge you with their heads or butts to get your attention to feed them (of course there are carrots to be purchased) just be careful where you step (they have absolutely no class!!)

I just had to take a pic. of my girl outside her new business establishment!!

Apparently Olive Oatman was taken by a local Indian tribe and some miners, way back when, were responsible for her safe return - everyone was so happy that they named the town after her. (or so the story goes).

Every so often during the day these two gunslingers get into an argument and a gunfight happens - they must be lousy shots 'cause both are still standing when the smoke clears - the guy with the black Stetson decides to rob the bank but the ATM won't co-operate!! The guy with the white Stetson claims to be the fire chief of the volunteer fire dept. so I gave him a ballcap with "Coldstream Volunteer Fire Department" along with the maple leaf and Canada written on it (My son-in-law is a volunteer and I had the cap in the back window of my car). Well, I think I could have given this guy a hundred bucks & he wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as that ballcap - he told me that it would drive on the dash of their main fire truck to all future fire calls. ...........One of the local saloons has $44,000 (or so I'm told) in one dollar bills stapled to the walls & ceilings - they claim that make the place the safest place to be in case of a fire!!

The road heading into Oatman from the west is dangerous enough but heading east to Kingman is something else again - I'm glad we were on the inside of the road the whole way - One photo shows cars at the bottom of a gully - these were not put there intentionally!!

I just had to snap the photo of the old gas station - this was a few miles outside of Kingman ...........Our next stop...................Later...........Win

Thank Win S.

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