Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

Here is a photo of a unusual shaped mountain just west of Kingman, Az. - Man, I just love this state - It has enough variety to please just about everyone!!

We are of course, still on Route 66 as we pass through Kingman.--------We were greeted by the "Roadkill 66 Cafe" upon arriving in Seligman - It was mentioned that the night before was "moonless" so the menu that day was varied with many critters to choose from!! Notice the old Edsels parked on route 66 - didn't someone from the "Park" own one back in the '50's?? - I think the gentleman was Asian!

When Interstate 40 (and others) opened to traffic back in the '50's & '60's that pretty much placed a death nail into these thriving towns & small cities, in all the eight states that route 66 ran through!! ........A few stubborn entrepreneurs hung in there all these years hoping for a reversal to their mis-fortune. Presently the talk is that there is big money willing to invest in a comeback of Route 66 - some people just have that knack to grab timely opportunities for themselves don't they!!

That night we stayed at the same Flagstaff motel as we had 9 days previously and guess what - we woke up to the same snowy conditions again!! - Those are motel nightstand coasters we are using to clean the car...Our Brits ended up throwing snowballs at each other - Ya, they were acting like kids, heck, I'd never think of doing stuff like that!!

On to Sedona the next day!!.............Later.........Win

Thanks Win S.

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