Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

As you know, we woke up to snow in Flagstaff and headed south (25 mi. or so) to Sedona........The weather had changed to light rain (Rats!!) just enough to obstruct a full view of the surrounding mountains, but the photos give you some idea of the amazing scenery. I read somewhere that an argument can be made to Sedona being the most beautiful populated area in all of U.S.A. - I agree, it has to be close to the top!!

My companions spent some time sightseeing and shopping while I had my spare tire put on & the slightly damaged tire replaced it as the spare.

Derek "The Brit" is quite a gun expert (had his own gun shop back in England) - The cowboy allowed Derek to handle his Colt 45 or whatever - I thought the guy was going to faint when Derek took off with his gun - he ran over to a ATM that had a weather cover so as not to get the gun wet - but the guy didn't know that!! - Apparently that gun is as rare as rocking horse poop and Derek & the cowboy both agreed that it had a very-very high price tag!!

The bronze statues are scattered throughout the downtown area and really add to the attractive surroundings. - Sedona is worth a visit!!

We returned to route 66 and headed back west to the town of Williams. I went into The Dreyer's Cafe to take advantage of their facilities - what a riot!! ............This is a Swinwood taking you on this trip (not some lowly tour guide) so you know you had to end up in the toilet sooner or later!!

The Town of Williams, by the way, is known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon - we took a motel and had a full breakfast, then were off to see one of the Wonders of the World " The Grand Canyon "............................


Thanks Win S.

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