Thursday, July 24, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

Yesterday I spoke about the Colt 45 in Sedona that the old cowboy had - well I spoke to Derek in England (I couldn't ring up the old cowboy 'cause I doubt if his cabin has a cell phone) and he says that this particular model is a "Bixby" - apparently very few were ever made - That's for you gunbuffs out there!!

We headed out of Williams on hwy 64, saying goodbye to Route 66 for the last time, quite an experience & I highly recommend traveling this old road!!

Hwy 64 took us to the south rim of the Grand Canyon - there we were greeted with a mixed bag of weather - the sun would be out, then rain, sleet & wind would start up & stop abruptly. If I remember correctly Ann & I experienced the same conditions when we first visited in '68. Please keep in mind that many of these pics were taken with 10X zoom therefore most of the distances are far greater than they appear!! (Kind'a the reverse of the passenger mirror on your car)

One of the photos shows the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon - as we walked to various vantage points around the rim we would occasionally get a glimpse of this amazing river.

Not much commentary required on this visit as I think the photos speak for themselves!! We visited three canyons in all - The Grand, The Zion & The Bryce - take your pick, do you prefer Cadillac's or Lincoln's?? - I'm sure everyone has their own personal favourite!!

After leaving the Grand Canyon our next destination was the town of Page, Az. located on Lake Powell !!


Thanks Win S.
It's Bisley not Bixby

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