Friday, July 25, 2008

Win's Vacation Pics

We had booked a couple of rooms on line at a motel in Page, Az. - paid twice as much as it was worth due to it being the Memorial weekend, but now knowing the experience we were in for it was worth it!!

Immediately after crossing this enormous bridge we arrived at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center - Anything you want to know about the Glen Canyon Dam you will learn here.
The dam was officially opened in 1966 and stands 583 Ft. tall - this compares to Hoover Dam at 726 Ft. but impressive none the less.

The photos you are seeing today are all about the dam and the Colorado River below the dam - the colours and the textures of the rock everywhere you look are just breathtaking and again the photos don't do justice to the real thing. If you have an opportunity perhaps you may want to Google - Glen Canyon Dam, Page, Az. -

very interesting read about the pros and cons of the construction - the dam of course formed Lake Powell and forever changed the face of the Colorado river with it's beautiful and mystical canyons above where the dam stands today!! -

It did however allow for the formation of a fantastic lake (Lake Powell) which I'll show & tell tomorrow!!


Thanks Win S.

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